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The Read & Trust Magazine is a gathering place for some of the best independent writers on the Internet. Each month, five of our members tackle a new, thought-provoking topic. Past topics included Staying Creative, Music, Working from Home and many others.

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April 2013 – $6

Hobbies are more than fun; they are essential. This month we discuss the hobbies we love and why we do them.

Writers: Shawn Blanc, Brett Terpstra, Dave Caolo and Randy Murray.

March 2013 – $6

We are surrounded by mobile computing devices. This month, some of the best writers in the world of mobile computing weigh in on what this new era means for us.

Writers: Matt Alexander, Dave Caolo, David Chartier and Federico Viticci.

February 2013 – $6

Everyone dreams of launching their side project, but few of us manage to reach the finish line. This month some of our members share from their experiences as professional “shippers”.

Writers: Shawn Blanc,David Sparks, Brett Terpstra, Brett Kelly and Adam King.

January 2013 – $6

This issue discusses craftsmanship: what is it, why should we care, and what can you do to get there.

This month’s contributing members: David Sparks, Chris Bowler, Randy Murray, Dave Caolo and Aaron Mahnke.

December 2012 – $6

“Openness” is a word thrown around quiet a lot, lately. What does it mean and how does it impact us? These are the questions, with their surprising and varied answers, that our writers try to unpack this month.

This month’s contributing members: Stephen Hackett, David Caolo, David Chartier, Randy Murray and Adam King.

November 2012 – $6

This month, the Read & Trust Magazine discusses the rise of social networking, and how it impacts us–for better or worse.

This month’s contributing members: David Caolo, Matt Alexander, Chris Bowler, David Chartier and Patrick Rhone.

October 2012 – $6

This issue of Read & Trust Magazine is all about productivity as five of our members offer their perspective on a topic that so many people struggle with.

This month’s contributing members: David Sparks, Brett Kelly, Brett Terpstra, David Chartier and Matt Alexander.

September 2012 – $6

In this premier issue of Read & Trust Magazine some of our members delve into their experiences and thoughts regarding travel.

This month’s contributing members: Patrick Rhone, Dave Caolo, Matt Alexander, Randy Murray and Adam King.

Free Sample Issue

In this full-sized sample issue, join members of the Read & Trust Network as they explore creativity, and what it takes to stay creative in a world full of distractions and discouragement.

This month’s contributing members: Shawn Blanc, David Sparks, Brett Terpstra, Adam King and Randy Murray.