Closing the Book

When I started Read & Trust over two years ago, I envisioned a community where great writers could be gathered together, share readers and conversations, and push the greater dialog foreword. A few months after launching the group (two years ago this month, to be precise) we began to publish a weekly email newsletter. And we charged for it. The goal wasn’t to make money like a business tries to do. No, I just wanted to generate some revenue to share with the writers in the group. I felt — and still feel, to be honest — that good writers deserve to be paid for their craft.

While we have always been a small group, and the readership of those email newsletters was usually pretty small, I still managed to push almost as much cash into the hands of fantastic writers as the large Readability effort did over the course of its run.

I would like to think that the Read & Trust Magazine helped create a new breed of publication. At the very least, it helped propel the growth of a platform that has the potential to transform publishing. Writers can get paid for their words, and the delivery vehicle can be adjusted and tweaked to fit the business model and readers.

Like all side projects, though, this magazine takes a lot of time. My time and the writers’ time. And because this magazine is not my full-time job (that job is thriving and expanding weekly, leaving me with less and less free time), I have to manage my priorities very carefully.

To that end, the April edition of the Read & Trust Magazine is the last issue we publish for the foreseeable future[1]. The group itself is still alive and thriving, and we have lots of great ideas in the works for the coming year. Right now, though, my energy is required elsewhere, so for the moment all regular publications will be put on hold.

Now, for those of you who still love the idea of a regular publication delivered to you, full of original content from great writers, then you might want to check out the new project from my friends Michael Schechter and Mike Vardy called Workflowing. It’s a weekly email newsletter inspired by the format of the old Read & Trust Newsletter, and will be free to anyone who wants it. Check it out…I know I will be.

And it goes without saying that none of this would be possible without all of you, reading and following and tossing in your support on a regular basis. It’s been a pleasure creating content for you over the last couple of years, and I look forward to finding new and exciting ways to connect you with the writers you love to read.

  1. If you subscribe monthly, your subscription will be turned off toward the end of the week.  ↩