Meet the Members

Read & Trust is committed to gathering together the best independent writers available—the ones recommended by the writers you read and trust.

Shawn Blanc

Shawn Blanc lives in Kansas City with his wife, their son Noah, and their two green couches. He has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and writes full time for his eponymous tech- and design-centric website.

Topics: Apple, Technology, Design, Marketing, Writing


Jonathan Christopher

Husband, Co-owner of Iron to Iron, Web developer, designer, WordPress big fan, Pods CMS dev team member, writer, and I like Seinfeld a lot.

Topics: Web, Design, Development, WordPress, Professionalism


Matt Alexander

Matt is a writer, thinker, and Londoner stranded in the heart of Texas.

Topics: Technology, Design, Business, Writing, Lifestyle


Patrick Rhone

Patrick is a writer who explores ideas and tells stories about living a life of mindfulness, compassion and truth. He is the author of Keeping It Straight – You, Me, & Everything Else, available at http://keepingitstraightbook.com.

Topics: Writing, Mindfulness, Productivity, Technology, Analog, Minimalism


Matt Gemmell

Writer, speaker, technologist and novelist. Based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

TopicsWriting, Productivity, Design, Usability, Technology, Accessibility


Stephen M. Hackett

Once a Lead Mac Genius at Apple, Stephen now runs IT for a large non-profit in Memphis, Tennessee. That journalism degree is going to good use.

Topics: Apple, Design, Journalism


Dave Caolo

Misanthrope, New England yankee, Apple fan. Dave is the news editor at The Unofficial Apple Weblog and the writer/curator behind 52 Tiger.

Topics: Apple, Software, Design, Writing, iOS


Brett Terpstra

The creator of nvALT and Marked performing mad science with Mac scripting.

Topics: Ruby, AppleScript, nerdery, markdown


Randy Murray

Professional business writer, playwright, and author of “Writing Assignments.”

Topics: Writing, Focus, Productivity, Future


David Sparks

David is a productivity con-man who claims to help you get more efficient with your technology but can just as easily wreck your day with some bit of fiddly awesomeness.

Topics: Apple, Mac OS X, iOS, Workflows, Technology


James Shelley

Ideas, Footnotes and Revelations.

Topics: Culture, Technology, Philosophy, Spirituality, Leadership, Ecology


Brett Kelly

Brett is a writer, software developer, caffeine-abusing tattoo collector and coffee enthusiast. He’s also the author of the Evernote Essentials, a guide for showing new users how to use Evernote.

Topics: Technology, Learning, Creating, Productivity, Efficiency, Working


David Chartier

A former editor of Macworld, Ars Technica, and TUAW, David is a Herald for AgileBits and writes about tech, nuance, and culture.

Topics: Apple, iOS, Technology, Design, Productivity, Happiness


Kyle Baxter

Kyle writes long-form commentary on current events and technology issues.

Topics: Apple, Politics, Current Events, Technology, Business, Foreign Policy


Adam W. King

Canadian designer + social enterpriser. Son of Baptist missionaries, former Green parliamentary candidate, and urban contemplative.

Topics: Craft, Focus, Social Innovation, Beauty


Christian Ross

Naturally, slightly sweetened musings with an occasional bitter bite. Purveying awesome since ’78.

Topics: Design, Freelancing, Men’s Fashion, Random Internet Gold


Chris Bowler

Chris loves to organize, craft, refine. In any order.

Topics: Simplicity, Technology, Design, Words, Spirituality, Web


Jorge Quinteros

Avid traveler & photographer based in Brooklyn.

Topics: Photography, Travel, Craft, Vision, Camera, Nikon, Lightroom, Tips, Essays, Lens


Iain Broome

Fiction writer and professional copywriter for leading UK design agency, The Workshop. Founder of Write for Your Life, a site about writing. Author of A is for Angelica, from Legend Press.

Topics: Creative Writing, Copywriting, Publishing, Writing Tools, Productivity


Federico Viticci

Federico is the Editor-in-Chief of MacStories.net. He also writes at Ticci.org.

Topics: Apple, Writing, Gadgets, Technology


Aaron Mahnke

Aaron is the founder of Read & Trust, a logo and icon designer, fantasy book author and founder of Frictionless.

Topics: Productivity, Technology, GTD, Creativity, Design, Apple, Writing